Sermons: Past and Present

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12/31/17: Lord, Come and SeeJohn 11:28-37
12/24/17: The Divine Sovereignty of ChristmasLuke 2:1-7
12/17/17: Lying in the Manger is the Image of the Invisible GodColossians 1:15-23
12/10/17: I Am The Resurrection and The LifeJohn 11:17-27
12/3/17: A Divine Absence for Our SakeJohn 11:7-16
11/26/17: The Purpose of God’s TimingJohn 11:1-6
11/19/17: Selected Scripture From Revelation
11/12/17: Tripping Over the Words and Works of ChristJohn 10:31-42
11/5/17: Secure in the Grasp of God’s GraceJohn 10:22-30
10/29/17: The Corruption of WorshipLeviticus 9:1-4 & 10:1-7
10/22/17: What Makes the Good Shepherd so Good?John 10:1-10
10/15/17: The Good Shepherd, The Sheep, and a ThiefJohn 10:1-10
10/8/17: The Wilderness of Our Discontentment and WhiningExodus 16
10/1/17: The Impact of Sight on WorshipJohn 9:35-41
9/24/17: Those Who Have Sight at Birth are Really BlindedJohn 9:13-34
9/17/17: Jesus is a Real Eye OpenerJohn 9:1-12
9/10/17: Believer’s Baptism – An Act of ObedienceMatt 28:18-20
9/3/17: Dishonored By Man, Honored By GodJohn 8:48-59
8/27/17: The False Assurance of Religious PeopleJohn 8:37-47
8/20/17: True Freedom of True DiscipleshipJohn 8:31-36
8/13/17: Unless You Believe – You Will Die In Your SinsJohn 8:21-30
8/6/17: The Redeemer’s Light John 8:12-20
7/30/17: Humility, Hypocrisy and Forgiveness – John 7:53-8:11
7/23/17: No Man Ever Spoke Like This Man!John 7:44-52
7/16/17: There Will Be Division Because Of Him – John 7:40-44
7/9/17: Thirsting for Christ – John 7:37-39
7/2/17: You Will Seek Me and Not Find Me – John 7:32-36
6/25/17: Bold Proclamation and Feigned Professions – John 7:25-31
6/18/17: True, Yet Rejected – John 7:14-24
6/11/17: The Purpose and Timing of God – John 7:1-13
6/4/17: The Spirit Gives Life / The Flesh Profits Nothing – John 6:60-71
5/28/17: It’s an Intimate Relationship Not a Religious Experience – John 6:48-59
5/21/17: Human Inability and Divine Ability – John 6:41-51
5/14/17: Sovereignly Secure In Christ – John 6:30-40
5/7/17: The Self-Centeredness of False Disciples – John 6:22-30
4/30/17: Jesus Is Lord of All NatureJohn 6:16-21
4/23/17: Jesus Serves a Miracle Meal John 6:1-15
4/16/17: Neglecting the Disturbing Aspects of Christ’s Saving Work Matt 16:13-23
4/9/17: The Curious Crowd- The Committed Savior -Palm Sunday- Matt 21:1-11
4/2/17: Charges Against Religianity – John 5:41-47
3/26/17: These Things Are Said That You May Be Saved – John 5:31-40
3/19/17: The Dead Shall Hear The Voice Of Christ – John 5:25-30
3/12/17: Do You Hear the Words of Jesus? – John 5:24
3/5/17: Like Father Like Son – John 5:16-23
2/26/17: The Weakness of Religion the Power of Christ – John 5:1-15
2/19/17:  The Miracles of Jesus Affirm His Words – John 4:43-54
2/12/17: A Harvest of Eternal Significance – John 4:27-43
2/5/17: True Worship is Worship with Understanding – John 4:21-24
1/29/17: The Fountain of Living Waters and Broken Cisterns that Hold No Water – John 4:16-26
1/22/17: Jesus and the Bad Samaritan – John 4:1-15
1/15/17: Hell is Eternal – And It’s no Reform School – John 3:31-36
1/8/17: Being Consumed by the Glory of Christ – John 3:22-30
1/1/17:  The Question Isn’t “Are You Condemned?” It’s “Are You Saved?” – John 3:17-21


12/18/16: “It’s a Wonderful Life” – In Christ – John 3:16
12/11/16: A Serpent, A Cross and Faith – John 3:14-15
12/4/16: How Can These Things Be? –  John 3:9-13
11/27/2016: The Teacher Learns from the Master – John 3:1-8
11/20/16: The True Discerner of the Heart – John 2:23-25
11/13/16: The Messiah’s Zeal for His Father’s HouseJohn 2:13-22
11/6/16: The Good WineJohn 2:1-12
10/30/16: How to Deal With a Sour PussLuke 15 – Guest Pastor – Brian Krause
10/23/16: Coming in Doubt – Following in Faith
10/16/16: Being Served a Heavenly Summons
10/9/16: God’s Lamb – Is He Yours?
9/25/16: A Message of Hope from the Boonies
9/18/16: And We Beheld His Glory
9/11/16: Bearing Witness of the Light
9/4/16: Jesus the Eternal Word
8/28/16: Introduction to the Gospel of John
8/21/16: The Diligence of Paul’s Team
8/14/16: Dealing With Divisive People Within the Church
8/7/16: Devotion to Affirming Good and Avoiding Evil
7/31/16: The Kindness of God Our Savior
7/24/16: We Were Once Foolish
7/10/16: Grace Filled Reminders
7/3/16: An Aspect of the Gospel Most Forgotten
6/26/16: The Fruit of Sound Doctrine – Godly Servants
6/19/16: The Fruit of Sound Doctrine – Godly Younger Men
6/12/16: The Fruit of Sound Doctrine – Godly Younger Women
6/5/16: The Fruit of Sound Doctrine – Godly Older Women
5/29/16: The Fruit of Sound Doctrine – Godly Older Men
5/22/16: Your Speech is to Match Your Life
5/13/16: Christian – It’s More Than a Name
5/8/16: A Shepherd and a Soldier – Gathering the Sheep and Guarding the Flock
5/1/16: Church Leadership by Design Part 3
4/24/16: Church Leadership by Design -Pt II
4/17/16: Church Leadership by Design
4/10/16: Alike Precious Faith
4/3/16: A Foundation of Hope on the Promise of God
3/27/16: Christ Crucified – God Glorified
3/25/16: The Father’s Bargain
3/20/16: The Short-Lived Welcome of the One True King
3/13/16: No Superstars Here, Just Faithful Friends
3/6/16: Gracious Speech Seasoned with Salt
2/28/16: Fearing God in the Workplace
2/21/16: The Effect of Regeneration on Family Relations
2/14/16: Predominance of the Heart
2/7/16: Call the Undertaker, the Old Self has Died
1/31/16: Now and Then
1/24/16: The Emergent Mind
1/17/16: From Shadows to Substance
1/10/16: The Enemies of God’s Grace
1/3/16: Beware! The World’s Ways are Lurking


12/27/15: Paul’s Concern for the Church is a Labor of Love
12/20/15: Immanuel – The Promise of the First Christmas
12/13/15: Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge in Christ
12/6/15: The Mystery of all Mysteries Now Revealed
11/29/15: The Joy and Suffering of Gospel Work
11/22/15: Yet I Will Rejoice in the Lord – Habakkuk’s Thanksgiving
11/15/15: We Have Moved from Enmity to Amity
10/25/15: Jesus: Fully God, Fully Man and Nothing Less pt 2
10/18/15: Jesus: Fully God, Fully Man and Nothing Less
10/11/15: Delivered from the Power of Darkness
10/4/15: Strengthened With All Might
9/27/25: Increasing Fruit of the Knowledge of His Will
9/20/15: The Grace of God in Truth
9/13/15: The Preeminence of Christ – An Introduction to Colossians
9/6/15:  The Lord’s Supper is a “Means of Grace”
8/30/15: The Mystery Now Disclosed
8/23/15: The Great Dictator
8/16/15: The Warnings, Victory and Grace of Our Lord
8/9/15:  The Affections of the Apostle Paul
8/2/15:  Commending Phoebe as a Servant of the Church
7/26/15: Agonizing in Prayer – Seeking God’s Will
7/19/15: The Fear of God
7/12/15: There is Joy to be Found in the Duties of God
7/5/15:  Boasting in Christ Alone
6/28/15: Full of Goodness + Filled with Knowledge = Fulfilling the Ministry
6/21/15: The Glory of God – The Joy of His People
6/14/15: The Strong Ought to Edify the Weak
6/7/15:  Christian Liberty Restrained by Brotherly Love
5/31/15: The Lordship of Christ and Christianity
5/24/15: Non-Essentials – A Matter of Conscience
5/17/15: Put on Christ – Making No Provision for the Flesh
5/10/15: How Sweet is the Debt of Love
5/3/15:  For the Time Being – It’s Dual Citizenship
4/27/15: What will it be? Bear the sword or trust the Lord?
4/19/15: Are you wise in your own eyes?
4/12/15: Behaving as One Led by Christ
4/5/15:  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
4/3/15:  Were you there?
3/29/15: Many Are Curious but Not Committed
3/23/15: Non-Hypocritical Love Hates Evil
3/15/15: Using Gifts According to Grace 
3/8/15: Being Many, We are but One in Christ
3/1/14: Your Reasonable Service to God
2/22/15: The Incomprehensible Glory of God’s Grace
2/15/15: The Irrecoverable Gifts and Calling of God
2/8/15:  The Goodness and Severity of God
2/1/15:  A Hardening for the Sake of Grace
1/25/15: The Height of Divine Sovereignty
1/18/15: God Promised a Remnant that Would Believe
1/11/15: Faith Comes by Hearing
1/4/15:  The Importance of Hearing the Preacher




12/29/14: Walking Circumspectly in 2015
12/21/14: The Confusion of the Season
12/14/14: The Riches of God to All Who Believe
12/7/14:  Having Your Heart in Your Mouth
11/30/14: Thanksgiving – A Holiday or a Condition of the Heart
11/23/14: Recalculating Coordinates to True Righteousness
11/16/14: The One Way Road to True Righteousness
11/9/14:  The Rock of Offense
11/2/14:  They Shall be Called Sons of the Living God
10/19/14: Vessels of Mercy Destined for Glory
10/13/14: The Absolute Sovereign Freedom of God
10/5/14:  Distinguishing True Grace from Fantasy
9/28/15: Paul’s Passion for Souls – Israel’s Rejection of Christ
9/21/14: He Spared Not Only His Own Son to Freely Give Us These Things
9/21/14: Sovereign Grace – Salvation is of the Lord Part II
9/21/14: Who Shall Separate Us from the Love of Christ
9/7/14:   Sovereign Grace – Salvation is of the Lord Part II
8/24/14:  Sovereign Grace – Salvation is of the Lord
8/19/14: God’s Providence and Purpose
8/10/14: The Spirits Make Intercession for Us with Groanings to Deep for Words
8/3/14:   Present Suffering Weighed with Future Glory
7/27/14: The Spirit Testifies to the Believer’s Adoption
7/20/14: Putting Sin to Death – The Cross and Self
7/13/14: The Radical Difference of Life in the Spirit
7/6/14:   What a “Carnal Christian” really?
6/29/14: “Pop Christianity” has it all WRONG!
6/22/14: Eternal Security – Guaranteed by God
6/22/14:  Eternal Security – Guaranteed by God
6/21/14: The Saint’s Struggle With Indwelling Sin Part II
6/9/14:   The Saint’s Struggle With Indwelling Sin Part
6/1/14:   Is the law sin?
5/26/14: Captivity and Release
5/18/14: Obedience from the Heart
5/6/14:   The Life he Lives, He Lives for God
4/28/14: Alive Through Death
4/14/14: The King Arrives, but to Die
4/14/14: Grace Triumphantly Reigns
3/30/14: With the Reign of Christ Comes Life
3/23/14: With the Reign of Sin Come the Reign of Death
3/23/14: Jesus Paid it All, All to Him I Owe
3/10/14: While We Were Still Sinners
3/2/14:   The Hope that Doesn’t Disappoint
2/23/14: Rejoicing in the Glory of God
2/16/14: Salvation is by Divine Power – Therefore I Believe!
2/10/14: Heirs of the World
2/2/14:   Faith and God’s Covenant Sign for Abraham
1/26/14: Oh Yeah, David Understood Justification by Faith!
1/19/14: The Same as Us, Justification by Faith!
1/12/14: Sola Fide – Sola Deo Gloria
1/5/14:   The Justifier of the One Who Has Faith


12/29/13: Immanuel – For Us a Son is Given
12/15/13: The Birth that was Thought to be Impossible
12/8/13:  Justified Freely by His Grace
12/1/13:  No Justification in the Flesh
11/24/13: There is None Righteous, No Not One
11/18/13: Is God unjust who inflicts wrath?
11/11/13: Let God Be True, But Every Man A Liar
11/10/13: Let God Be True, But Every Man A Liar
11/3/13:  Righteousness – Is it inward or merely outward?
10/27/13: Salvation According to Reality – Not Religious Profession
10/20/13: The Danger of Confidence in Religion
10/20/13: God Will Judge the Secrets of Men
10/7/13:  God – The Only Truly Just God
9/29/13: Contempt for God’s Goodness
9/22/13: What was are excuse again?
9/15/13: God Gave Them Up – Part III
9/8/13:   God Gave Them Up – Part II
9/2/13:   God Gave Them Up
8/25/13: Playing Ignorant with God
8/19/13: The Wrath of God
8/11/13: Glory of the Gospel
8/4/13:   True Servant’s Heart to Preach
7/28/13: The Thankful Heart of a True Servant
7/21/13: Believer’s Baptism – An Act of Obedience
7/16/13: An Introduction to the Book of Romans
7/8/13:   Comfort for Your Heart
7/8/13: Praying for Preachers
6/24/13: Praying for All the Saints
6/17/13: The Armor of God – The Sword of the Spirit
6/9/13:   The Armor of God – The Helmet of Salvation
6/2/13:  The Armor of God – The Shield of Faith
5/26/13:  The Armor of God – The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
5/20/13: Spiritual Armor – The Breastplate of Righteousness 
5/12/13:  Spiritual Armor – The Belt of Truth
5/5/13:   The Power of His Might
4/28/13: Slaves of Christ
4/22/13: The Christian Family, God’s Way
4/15/13: Sacrificial Love Imitated
4/7/13:   Ordination Service
3/31/13: He is Risen Indeed!
3/24/13: The Cup of Christ
3/17/13: Dying to Live
3/10/13: The Christian Wife
3/3/13:   Giving Thanks to God
2/24/13: Be Spirit Filled
2/18/13: Time Management for the Eternally Minded
2/10/13: Children of Light
2/3/13:   Is your inheritance the kingdom of Christ?
1/28/13: That Which is Fitting for Saints
1/20/13: God in Christ Forgave You!
1/20/13: Imitator of God
1/7/13:   Our Speech and God’s Glory


12/30/12: A New Life Built Upon Truth
12/23/12: Luke 2.1-20
12/16/12: Unto Us a Son is Given
12/9/12:  The Christian Life
12/2/12:  Me, Myself and I are Changed
11/25/12: It’s Time to Grow Up
11/18/12: The Importance of Thanksgiving
11/11/12: Christian Body Building
11/4/12:  Who We Are, Defining Providence
11/4/12: Christ, the Giver of Gifts To
11/4/12: From Information to Mobilization
10/28/12: Walking Worthy of Our Calling
10/21/12: Confidence Through Faith in Christ 
10/7/12: The Revelation of the Mystery
9/30/12: The Church: God’s Holy Temple
9/29/12: Christ is Our Peace
9/16/12: Alienation to Reconciliation 
9/9/12:   Sola Gratia!
9/2/12: But God…
8/26/12: From Death to Life
8/22/12: The Exceeding Greatness
8/12/12: Praying for Eyes of Understanding
8/6/12: God’s Will for His Church Reve
8/6/12: God’s Blessing of Adoption
8/5/12: I am His and He is Mine
8/5/12: Introduction to Ephesians
8/4/12: Bringing All Things Together
8/3/12: Redemption According to His Ab
8/3/12: Appearance of Risen Christ
6/24/12: The Great Commission
6/17/12: The Great Commission
6/17/12: God’s Sovereign Purpose in Trinity
6/17/12: The Burial of Jesus
6/17/12: He is Risen from the Dead
6/17/12: The Lord is My Portion
5/21/12: God’s Sovereign Purpose in Trinity
5/20/12: Burn out or rust out?
5/20/12: The Milky Way
5/20/12: For what is your life?
4/29/12: What man dare lay his hand to the latch of heaven?
4/29/12: A Spiritual Anchor in the Word of God
4/29/12: Love Rode a Colt Towards the Joy Set Before Him
4/29/12: Spiritual Faithfulness Amidst Apostasy
3/28/12: A New and Living Way
3/19/12: It Is Finished 
3/11/12: The Criminal Receives Eternal Life
2/28/12: Congregational Prayer
2/20/12: Perilous Times
2/20/12: The Via Dolorosa
2/5/12:   The Dignity of Christ
2/5/12:   Judas’ Final Hour
2/5/12:   Being a Vessel of Honor
1/21/12: Peter Denies His Lord
1/9/12:   Jesus Before the Sanhedrin
1/9/12: Experiencing Christ’s Fullness